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Finding the path back to you.

My soul's purpose is to guide and support others on their unique Soul Journey back to Self.

All of my classes, one-on-one work and channelings focus on helping people to foster a mindful soul-body-mind connection, embrace opportunities for soul growth, honor & heal soul wounds, connect with their soul's purpose, and bring their unique presence fully to the world.



... finding your path and purpose in life.
... bringing your unique gifts to the world.
... living life with authenticity and love.
... creating the life you were meant to live.
... choosing what beliefs you hold as truth.
... how you act and move in the world.

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Opening to Your Heart's




You may be surprised what your heart wishes for you.

It speaks in a whole different language than we are used to using and prioritizes things we may not prioritize for ourselves, but it is also the source for miracles and truth. It always supports you in becoming the extraordinary and powerful being your soul meant for you to be in this lifetime.

Here is a mini-workbook to guide you through a few simple exercises, which allow you to connect with your heart and see what is the next step on your path and what your soul wishes for you in this moment.

Use the link below to receive your mini-workbook and start reconnecting with your heart today!

Playshops & Events

Coming Soon 
Fall 2022!

More information available under the Classes, Readings & Coaching tab.

Intro to Soul Astrology: Getting to Know Your Sun, Moon & Ascendant

 Soul Mapping: A New Heart-Centered Method for Manifesting

Online, self-paced Learning Your Soul's Language Playshop

Come visit my Youtube Channel - finding dharma with Christine Rapp for videos for astrology, mindfulness tips, guided meditations, energy readings, channeled messages, sharing soul journeying and so much more.


What clients are saying about me and my services as finding dharma llc

My experience with Christine at Finding Dharma was such a positive and transformative experience. She is very intuitive and was able to help me learn things about myself by asking questions that really made me think and dig deep down. Her positive approach and gentle guidance were exactly what I needed. I was feeling emotionally and mentally “stuck.” Christine helped me to understand why I was feeling this way and gave me practical suggestions for moving forward. I carried a great deal of self blame and we worked through the whys and hows and Christine gave me the tools to work through those feelings when they creep in- and to move on- which is a very powerful and freeing experience!
I highly recommend Finding Dharma!

Erin, Coaching Client

"I attended Christine’s powerful workshop “The Shift”, I was blown away by my own breakthrough and transformation. This powerful class expanded my consciousness, cleared blockages and allowed me to continue on my spiritual path with a new found clarity."

Christy, Workshop Attendee

"I highly recommend attending a workshop with Christine Rapp from Finding Dharma. Christine is a kind, compassionate, teacher that always offers a unique perspective. She is wealth of knowledge, a master of many things and a genuine compassionate soul. Whether you are seeking answers on your spiritual journey, wondering what's next or looking for a tribe, I highly recommend checking out one of her workshops."

Gina, Workshop Attendee

"Well worth your time and money to experience what Christine Rapp has to offer in her workshops, meditations, mindfulness work, etc. Her workshops and meditations have benefitted me with many ‘aha’ moments/realizations as well as learning new tools to use for life. Christine is highly educated, a beautiful gentle soul and she is talented in many areas of her field. If you have ever considered checking out these ‘quality of life’ offerings; you’ve got a fantastic opportunity waiting for you. You will NOT be disappointed!!"

Cindy, Workshop Attendee

"I have attended several classes and workshops with Christine, most recently 'The Shift.' What I love most is that she encourages her students to fully explore their spirituality and connection with the Divine while giving space to question old truths and limiting beliefs. Christine opens up about her own exploration, giving insight on what it means to be vulnerable...what it means to be human. I love her passion and her grace...and I am excited when she brings new opportunities for me to learn more about myself. I truly hope that everyone will gift themselves with her teachings."

Workshop Attendee

"One of the BEST meditation author/teachers you will ever experience! Christine Rapp brings a special expertise and gentleness that can only be achieved with a deep commitment to learning, leading and life experience. Her infinite curiosity for continuous growth shines through in all she does. Christine is the real deal!"

Delanea, Guided Meditations

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