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Workshops & Playshops

I offer workshops (where we delve into intensive exploration of our Selves and the world around us) and playshops (where we focus on the adventure and joy in learning about different ways we can expand, learn and connect with our Selves and our Souls; they're not "work," they're "play.").

I hope to see you there!

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Soul Astrology Playshop Series:

Who Your Soul Planned You to Be?


October 17 & 24

November 7, 14, 21, 28

In this unique playshop series of six (6) classes you will be introduced to the basics of personal astrology with the focus of the workshop on you learning about yourself through your birth chart - about your relationship with your body, your mind, your emotional life, your path for soul growth, childhood and your self-expression. We will use a fun & interactive approach to learning the basics of astrology and then, using my specially designed astrology cards, how to do a basic reading of your and other people's charts. Each class includes opportunity for practice, modeling and feedback through mini-readings.

Included is the Soul Astrology: Who Your Soul Planned You to Be Workbook, finding dharma's Soul Astrology Guidance Cards, and your astrological birth charts.

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Mindful To-Do Lists Playshop

Saturday, November 5th 

10:00 - 11:30 am

Do you manage your to-do lists or do they manage you?


In this 90-minute playshop you will learn what your to-do list personality is; what your lists say about how you manage your life; what style of to-do lists serve you best; and how to manage your to-do list so it benefits you and your best life.

Included is the Mindful To-Do List Workbook with lots of ideas, guidance, & tips and the To-Do List Personality Quiz.


An Intuition Workshop Series: Learning Your Soul's Language Playshop


November 3, 10, 17

December 1, 8, 15

This playshop series of six (6) classes will guide and empower you to connect more deeply with your soul and build your understanding of your unique intuitive language. Using various mediums, like colors, crystals and sacred geometry, you will build your own soul language encyclopedia and your own deck of intuitive cards.

Included is the Learning Your Soul's Language Workbook and your deck of Soul Language Cards to personalize with your own soul guided messages.


An Intuition Workshop:

Writing with Spirit Playshop

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

10:00 - 11:30 am

Have you ever wanted to communicate more easily with spirit or your higher self?

Have you wondered what an easy way to do this would be?

In this 90-minute playshop I will introduce you to the process and practice of using writing to connect with spirit and receive guidance.

Included is the Writing with Spirit workbook.

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A Manifestation Workshop Series:

Soul Mapping(TM) 

with the Base Chakra (The Foundation)

January 8, 2023


Start off 2023 manifesting in a new way with your soul's guidance and plan or Soul Map! In this first 2-hour workshop of a Soul Mapping series, we will work with the energy of your Base Chakra to plan out what your soul feels is the foundation needed for you now on your life's path. We will use a series of key reflection questions & manifestation prompts, intuitive guidance, and a guided meditation to create your own Soul Map - The Foundation.

Each participant will receive both the Soul Mapping with the Base Chakra workbook and materials to create their Soul Map.


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"Well worth your time and money to experience what Christine Rapp has to offer in her workshops, meditations, mindfulness work, etc. Her workshops and meditations have benefitted me with many ‘aha’ moments/realizations as well as learning new tools to use for life. Christine is highly educated, a beautiful gentle soul and she is talented in many areas of her field. If you have ever considered checking out these ‘quality of life’ offerings; you’ve got a fantastic opportunity waiting for you. You will NOT be disappointed!!"

—Cindy P., Workshop Attendee


"I highly recommend attending a workshop with Christine Rapp from Finding Dharma. Christine is a kind, compassionate, teacher that always offers a unique perspective. She is wealth of knowledge, a master of many things and a genuine compassionate soul. Whether you are seeking answers on your spiritual journey, wondering what's next or looking for a tribe, I highly recommend checking out one of her workshops."

— Workshop Attendee