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I offer one-on-one soul mentoring sessions of various depths from exploring possibilities in the free 30-minute consultation to moving into more and more intensive one-, three- or six-month programs to explore the beauty of who you are, to release and heal what is holding you back, and to guide you in opening yourself up to your soul's guidance and living your truth and the life you were meant to live. 

Soul Journey Mentoring

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Free 30- Minute

Soul Journey Conversation

If you'd like to talk about how you're doing on your own spiritual journey or if you're curious about what a spiritual journey is or where to go next on your path, I am here and can offer you some guidance. Having been on my own intensive spiritual journey for the last 8 years, I am a good sounding board for any questions you might have about: living a spiritually guided life, connecting with your soul, finding your path or purpose or gifts, making the next step, letting go of what is holding you back, or healing the soul wounds you carry (we all have them, they're just different for all of us).  I am here for you if you'd like to chat. 


Starting Your Soul Journey Mentoring Package

(3 Sessions)

The Starting Your Soul Journey coaching package begins with introducing essential aspects to living a more spiritual life. These three (3) coaching sessions will guide you to quiet and listen to your inner voice and wisdom, to begin to act on this wisdom, and to empower you to live a life more fully from gratitude, self-love and mindfulness. Includes:
- Starting Your Soul Journey Exploration Questionnaire
- Three one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions
-  Starting Your Soul Journey Mini-Workbook
- Personalized Meditation(s)


Walking Your Soul Journey

(40-Day Mentoring Package)

To Walk Your Soul Journey means delving more deeply into building self-awareness combined with self-empowerment so that you can explore your gifts and purpose as well as any blocks and wounds, which are holding you back. By healing your wounds and releasing aspects of your life, which are not serving you, you are able to live a freer and more purposeful life grounded in who you truly are. This 40-day allows you to work with your soul and define what kind of life you wish to manifest and then take steps to begin to create this life through various personalized daily practices & soul- searching exercises along with six (6) intuitive coaching sessions.

- Six one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions
- Starting Your Soul Journey Exploration Questionnaire

- Walking Your Soul Journey 40-Day Workbook (given to you in weekly segments and personalized to your journey)
- Set of Healing Crystals
- Personalized, guided meditation

40 Days - Six 60-Minute Coaching Sessions $349

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Living Your Soul Journey

(3-Month Mentoring Package)

Living Your Soul Journey is intended for those that have established a daily spiritual practice and begun their spiritual journey, and who now wish to move forward and explore more deeply how to integrate specific spiritual practices or belief systems (Christian mysticism, quantum spirituality, rules of manifestation, accessing different dimensions of existence, etc.) into their lives and spiritual practice. Includes:

- Twelve 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions over 90-days - Living Your Soul Journey Workbook (Personalized to your journey)
- Set of Healing Crystals
- Personalized, guided meditations

- One coaching session will be a Soul Mapping Session (TM) 

- finding dharma Journal

90-Day Coaching Package $749

Option to pay in monthly installments with $260 over 3 months or $749 in full ($31 in savings over the monthly installment cost; please contact me for more information if interested in installments)


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My experience with Christine at Finding Dharma was such a positive and transformative experience. She is very intuitive and was able to help me learn things about myself by asking questions that really made me think and dig deep down. Her positive approach and gentle guidance were exactly what I needed. I was feeling emotionally and mentally “stuck.” Christine helped me to understand why I was feeling this way and gave me practical suggestions for moving forward. I carried a great deal of self blame and we worked through the whys and hows and Christine gave me the tools to work through those feelings when they creep in- and to move on- which is a very powerful and freeing experience! I highly recommend Finding Dharma!

— Erin R., Soul Journey Mentoring Client

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