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Soul Astrology Readings | Archetype Consultation | Akashic Soul Stories


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Whole Chart Highlights

Soul Chart Reading: You & Your Birth Chart

This is a perfect reading if you are interested in receiving an overview and introduction to your astrological birth chart. In this one-hour consultation we will explore all 12 houses of your astrological birth chart covering: your identity, your relationships, your relationship to groups & society, your values, your abilities, your work, your soul wounds and soul growth, and more. You will have the opportunity to ask 2-3 questions or areas of your life you'd like highlighted.


The Coming Year

Soul Chart Reading: What The Coming Year Holds Holds For You

Would you like to see what this new year holds for you? Each year brings new energetic interactions in your chart, some of them lasting over several years, others passing within a few months, yet all have an impact on your life. This one-hour reading of your solar return chart (best done on or around your birthday) will give you insight into what energies are impacting your life and in what areas. 

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Your Unique Akashic Life Story

 Receive a written story of what your birth chart says about you for this lifetime from your soul's perspective using the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a recording of all events (past, present and future) of all lifetimes. Your soul used this to chart your journey through this lifetime. This reading touches upon:

your core personality,

your life's purpose,

your soul wounds & healing journey in this lifetime,

your relationships,

your gifts and

your challenges.

In addition, each reading includes an intuitive reading for you based on what I am shown for you at this time in your life in the form of a clairvoyant representation, an energetic reading, and/or guidance from spirit on how to connect with your potential and path.

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