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About me 


My life's purpose is to help others bring their Soul Light to the world, undimmed and free to shine brilliantly. 


I am a mindfulness and spiritual facilitator & mentor, a Western Astrologer & Dharma Map guide, an author &  blogger, a channeler & healer, and a meditation writer & voice artist for the MediMind Meditation app.


As a curious student of all things spiritual, I have devoted my entire life to the study and practice of spirituality, esoterism and mysticism. Even though I was raised in an atheistic family, I found myself continually drawn to palmistry, astrology, astronomy, the mystical and the unexplained. Eventually my path led me to explore and study Christian mysticism in my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation, The Making of a Romantic Female Hagiography, focuses on medieval and Romantic female mystics and their portrayal by the societies they lived in and the men who wrote their stories.  After making a major shift in my life and stepping away from my tenure-track professorship, due to a stroke I experienced in 2016, my work now is fully focused on studying and expanding my own soul growth, expanding my knowledge and experiences with spirituality, and sharing these tools and the wisdoms with others to support them on their own spiritual dharmas or journeys.


I strive to make dynamic, engaging, and introspective offerings. In each I foster a supportive environment where you can explore new ideas, open yourself up to deep and personal reflection, and choose to move forward from limiting beliefs and be guided by your own personal power. In my workshops, playshops, readings and mentoring, I guide you to nurture a deeper connection with spirit and inner your voice.


My certifications and training include Western Astrology, UMASS Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Holographic Sound Healing (certified Level I and II), Usui Master Reiki, Metatron Colour Healing™ Level 1, Crystal Power Grids, and Teachings of Kabbalah and Christian Mysticism. 


Soul Astrology Readings

Dharma Mapping (TM) 

Facilitator of Spiritual & Mindful Workshops

One-on-One Soul Journey Mentoring 

Mindfulness Mentoring & Workshops


Spiritual Speaker

Guided Meditations

Energy Healing

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