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The Process of Healing Trauma: A Message from Hildegard of Bingen

Healing occurs through Love. Love provides space for the trauma to breathe and not writhe. If the trauma need not struggle, it is allowed to unfurl itself. To flow rather than to struggle. It can rest without feeling the need to do anything. Traumas need unconditional acceptance as all things do. It has an energy and a life force as well. Before they can begin to shift and become an empowering part of you, they must first go through the healing process themselves and with your assistance. 


The Process of Healing Trauma

Acknowledgment - recognizing its existence

Acceptance - recognizing that it is a part of you

Allowing - unconditionally giving it space in you

Breathing / Being - giving it space to just be and relax/unfurl

Attention / Intention - to see it; directing your senses to it, taking it in for what it is (without diving into the depths of the fear it evokes in you)

Freedom - to exist (without judgment allowing it to express itself and, in doing so, being received by you with unconditional love)

Action / Flow (allowing it to speak its truth, honestly without fear or editing)

Shifting (bringing it to a place where it is not toxic any longer because it has been heard and allowed space to be exactly what it is)

Coming to Rest - finding peace with it and finding its place in the wholeness of who you are; seeing its purpose

Healing / Coming to Fruition - no longer wrestling with it or needing to explore it; the trauma is simply a part of who you are and of your experiences. Completion.


This is not a linear process, in as much as you can move through some of the process and find yourself moving back over several steps again and again to release different aspects of the same trauma. Allow the trauma to express itself and tell you of its many facets so that you can see how it is entangled in different areas of yourself. Only then can you begin to release and heal.

Traumas are not simple creatures. They weave themselves into your being, attaching themselves to different points, in all directions and at all levels of consciousness. This is why surrender and allowing are so important in the process of taking them in. At first, you are only aware of the sharpest spikes of them. The areas of your life where you consciously know you are triggered or have memories. Allowing the trauma space offers you the opportunity to begin to feel and see how this trauma affects you, hinders you, silences you, and freezes you into inaction at many levels.

Each of you carries unique wounds. They are an intrinsic part of who you are. They are common to all of humanity and to the soul’s journey in each lifetime. They are good in that they allow the soul’s experiences to be deepened and healing to be experienced. A world of duality, such as you live in, offers you this journey from wounded to whole. Your soul has chosen this because, in this way, your growth becomes tangible and “real.” To deny your wounds then means you deny a part of yourself. To ignore them means you allow them to continue writhing and struggling in the dark. Denial does not make them go away, it only makes them writhe all the more within you. 

You each have the choice to embrace this healing journey or to step away from it. 

Bringing unconditional love is all that is required to heal them. Unconditional love allows the wounds to tell you of their experiences, their needs, or their fears without holding back anything.  They must speak their truth and be heard and accepted by you before true healing can be achieved.

We say this knowing how trite this sounds. We recognize that it is a massive endeavor to direct unconditional love at experiences that are deeply wounding. Ask for our help when you feel overwhelmed and we can assist you in holding this space of Love when new tendrils of trauma emerge and speak to you. 

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