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Soul Energy Message for August 2022

This is a time for “gathering strength”, for opening up and letting flow IN what you need to sustain you. This has changed drastically over the last few months. Although many speak of shifts occurring, the last few months have truly been shifting all of humanity, but to be honest you were so off-balance and weak in energy it wasn’t difficult to do. Just a tap on the shoulder and you spun around. It’s a little disorienting, we know. To be looking and heading in one direction and then out of the blue be pushed by unseen energies into a new direction. Unsettling both in the new world you see before you and also within as your equilibrium needs to settle into this new way of being as well. Just as when you are dizzy or disoriented, you wait before taking the next step. This time now is asking you to pause and settle and acclimate. The time for exploring the new you in the new world is coming. Get your feet under you first.

Take this same patience and rebalancing when you do begin to walk about and explore who this new you is. No need to choose one direction. Explore, taste, see, feel all that is offered to you now, in this new space and way of being. Straight paths may get you to what you perceive as attaining your goal or reaching the peak but they also usually strip you of the rewards & full affect the journey has to offer because you have left out the delicious detailed and nuanced experiences that are central to a life well lived.

Live well, not perfectly.

Live fully, not quickly.

Live beautifully, not blindly.

Live patiently, not driven by time/wounds/the world’s expectations.

One truth of this new world you find yourself in is that you need to live from the truth of who you are, which lies deep inside. Revealing it is the reason for this disorientation now. We ask only that you allow yourself as much as possible to be a blank slate. To observe self and this new world. To honor what arises. To love self above all else. To be in this process with commitment to self. The slate will fill as you allow truth to rise up in you without judging it, defining it, allotting it meaning or a place in your life, as you have seen it up to now. Most simply now, you only need to see the truth in you in whatever aspects of life it bubbles up for you in each moment of each day.

When you need balance to these truths your soul is offering up to you- because seeing truths can be exhausting- spend some time in quiet, in gratitude, in speaking words of compassion and kindness to yourself, in acting lovingly to Self, in befriending yourself.

We see you. We honor you and the commitment you have taken to becoming the best and truest form of self you can be in this moment.

We see your journey as a sun rising above the horizon. Let the light carry you forward. In blessings and light,

The Council

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